Amigabit Data Recovery Review


Amigabit’s interface can, at times, be confusing, but, still, this data recovery software delivers mostly positive results despite some hiccups. While it did not deliver the highest rates of data recovery, its recovery success rate was consistent.

This hard drive recovery application is one of the few products on our lineup that doesn’t have a 100% average recovery rating for files deleted from the recycling bin. In this area, it had a 95% success rating or above for retrieving lost image, document, and video and audio files.

The same holds true for files lost due to a reformatted hard drive: Amigabit had a high, but not perfect, success rate for image and video and audio files. The only results that lagged with this test were reformatted document files. Amigabit earned an 85% average recovery rate in this area, which is still a decent return.

When you first launch the program, you begin by selecting one of three options for recovering deleted files, reformatted files or raw data recovery. In our tests, we got the best results when selecting raw data recovery, and it didn’t take much longer than the reformatted file recovery option.

Once you select the scanning option, you then select which type of files to scan for, including specific formats. There’s also a shortcut mode that simplifies this step by allowing you to run recovery on file types like music, pictures or documents.

Scanning is easy to initiate, and you can pause it in the middle. When using fast recovery mode, it doesn’t automatically begin the more advanced, in-depth scans that you find in reformatted file recovery or raw data recovery mode. Instead, you need to return the home screen and start the process over.

Once the scan is complete, the recovery screen shows you the results in a normal file tree, and you can organize results by file type or file paths. There’s an easy-to-find option for exporting the results so you can recover those files later. There’s an option to preview found files, but it’s not immediately identifiable in the interface.

For businesses, Amigabit’s enterprise version has several useful features, including a multiple-use license, which allows you to install it on several computers. This license also entitles you to free lifetime software updates. It’s compatible with RAID systems, making it viable in a server room environment.

Amigabit’s customer support channels include phone and email, but no live chat option. There is also an extensive knowledgebase with information on data recovery.

Amigabit Data Recovery is a viable solution for a business’s data recovery needs. Its capabilities aren’t perfect but are strong enough that you’ll likely get back the data you need.

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