Antivirus Review: MacKeeper


Ideal for

–          Mac users looking for a simple option with a robust feature suite


–          Additional features available

–          Anti-theft for stolen devices

–          File recovery


–          Didn’t perform as well on independent lab tests as some competitors

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With more than 13 million users and accolades from some of the major press outlets including Forbes, TechCrunch, and CNN, MacKeeper comes highly recommended from the start. A top antivirus software in the Mac world, MacKeeper provides reliable online and offline protection for things like phishing scams, malware, spyware, viruses, ransomware and adware. Yet, MacKeeper goes beyond the basics as well, making it a popular option for Apple users everywhere.

What does MacKeeper bring to the table, how easy is it to integrate, and will it protect users from threats like malware, ransomware and other cyber attacks? Let’s find out.

Ease of Use

In keeping with the traditional MO of Apple products and technology, this software is extremely user-friendly. MacKeeper can be installed in minutes, even by those without previous IT experience. The software itself is well-designed, making everything a snap to find and run, and it’s on par with industry-leaders like Norton.

Even the more advanced features offered are fairly simple to navigate. For example, MacKeeper allows users to encrypt files on their hard disk to make it harder for hackers to read and retrieve their private information. This process sounds complex, and while it’s a reliable way of keeping criminals out of your personal data, it takes only a few clicks from the menu bar to implement.


MacKeeper excels in the features department, really outshining other leading antivirus options out there. Its internet security is excellent, offering real-time safe browsing with auto-blocking of vehemently malicious sites, customized blacklisted sites, and trusted website lists. This is particularly comforting considering the fact that phishing scams are one of the greatest threats to Mac users, more so than many other more common viruses that target PC users.

In addition to providing solid antivirus protection, MacKeeper has some terrific features that help it pull ahead of the competition, such as:

–          Clean up

MacKeeper is known for cleaning up Macs to make the devices run faster and more smoothly. This feature is great for finding unnecessary copies of files, applications that are not useful or taking up too much space, as well as random junk that’s slowing your computer down. Clean up is very thorough, and offers you the option to manually select which junk files (once found) to delete and which to keep, or to have the whole batch deleted automatically. It also monitors installed plugins, making it simple to uninstall apps that you don’t want anymore or never meant to install in the first place.

While MacKeeper has a handy file-recovery feature (in case you accidentally delete something you didn’t mean to), there’s also a shredder option that will permanently delete files, so they are unretrievable from your device.

–          Real human

This is a particularly noteworthy feature of the MacKeeper antivirus that most other brands do not offer. The real human feature connects each subscriber to a tech geek on demand (as they are endearingly referred to). This is a direct line to a technical advisor who will walk you through any issues that may arise. A more advanced and in depth type of customer support than others, MacKeeper’s real humans are fully certified by Apple, so you are getting real professionals with this feature.

–          Mobile app

MacKeeper’s mobile app is clean and up to date with the latest technological offerings. Users can lock and unlock their devices remotely via the mobile app, get reports emailed to them about device usage and login activity, and control the anti-theft feature mentioned below.

–          Anti-theft

MacKeeper’s anti-theft is one of the strongest features that differentiate it from other products on the market. Using the mobile device tracking feature on their account, owners can find and report their stolen devices from any computer. When the device is connected to the internet, a location report is automatically generated, and the iSight snapshot option even sends you a picture of the criminal. The report is updated every five minutes, giving you real-time, accurate location information until your device is recovered. The report and profile are invaluable tools that can help the police locate and recover your device quickly. Amazingly, MacKeeper’s anti-theft technology is active even when you are traveling abroad.

Finally, uninstalling the software is a simple process that MacKeeper walks users through on its own website. This is a telling sign that they trust their product enough to make it easy for users  to easily uninstall.


MacKeeper is a lot more flexible in their pricing tiers than other similar options such as CleanMyMac. They offer several pricing plans, with the cost going down as you sign up for longer plans, and an unending money back guarantee. This last detail is somewhat unheard of in the industry, making it a tremendous value for Mac users.

MacKeeper’s basic pricing plan:

  Basic Standard Premium Premium+
Price $14.95 $9.94/month ($59.64 total) $7.95/month ($95.40 total) $4.95/month ($118.80 total)
Length Per month 6-month plan 12-month plan 24-month plan
Features All in one system utility Full version activation, anti-theft tracking Security updates, personal tech advisor Best long-term savings, 24/7 expert support

MacKeeper also runs frequent promotions, like its current 25% off deal as of the time of this writing so that users can save even more.

Value for Money

MacKeeper offers real value for money by optimizing your experience, putting a lot of the control back into the user’s hands. For example, with this software, users can decide which applications launch automatically upon startup, making your device faster and more productive than ever.

Software upgrades and security patches are frequently run for all applications installed on your device as well, so you receive the most security and functionality from all of your apps on a constant basis.

Moneyback Guarantee

MacKeeper enforces a solid buyer protection policy that states they hold to a “transparent and flexible refund policy.” This refund policy holds true for the entire length of your subscription, making it an obvious choice to test drive for any Mac user. As mentioned above, this blanket moneyback guarantee is a real benefit that you won’t find from other software providers.

Customer Support

As with other professional antivirus options for PC like BullGuard, MacKeeper offers its subscribers 24/7 live chat and phone support. What’s even more encouraging (and somewhat surprising for this industry), across the board, users have left positive reviews about their experiences with MacKeeper. It should be noted that there is heavily negative talk about Mac antivirus software in general as well as a whole slew of scandalous reports directed towards MacKeeper a few years back. These allegations were the result of a competitor creating and spreading counterfeit software in the name of MacKeeper. Users should be aware of these criminals and avoid downloading the illegitimate software by working directly with MacKeeper and its affiliates rather than through third-party sites.

Anyone who has used the real MacKeeper has had only positive experiences.


MacKeeper covers the spectrum from cleaning to security and optimization. They blow competition such as Macbooster clear out of the water with additional features, beefed up system security, anti-theft protection, and file cleaning tools like their shredder. With so many tools being offered at a competitive price and packaged in a user-friendly wrapping, MacKeeper is an obvious choice for anyone who is currently using an Apple device. Install this important security feature today, and keep your devices protected.

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