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DoYourData is a great example of nearly everything a data recovery program should have. In our tests, it had nearly perfect recovery results, and it features an easy-to-understand interface. Although you can only reach its customer support department by email, the intuitive interface helps compensate for this drawback.

This hard drive recovery solution scored positively in our tests, with most of its scores being 100%. This program successfully recovered an average of 100% deleted image, document, video and audio files. Likewise, it recovered 100% of reformatted data, including images and documents.


The only area where it stumbled was in recovering assorted reformatted video and audio files. The average percentage of files recovered in that category was 91%. There wasn’t a disproportionate amount of files – either predominantly video or audio – that were nonrecoverable. In fact, the missing files comprised different formats.

DoYourData is by far one of the easiest data recovery applications to use. We awarded it a 100% percent Ease of Use score for its scanning and recovery functions. Its sleek design is easy for newcomers to understand and operate. The Scan screen has you select your drive or partition, then the type of files you are trying to recover. You can select a quick recovery, which is recommended for retrieving deleted files, or an advanced recovery, which is for more complex recovery situations, such as a reformatted disk.

If nothing is found from the quick recovery, then the program will automatically switch to advanced recovery and continue the scan. DoYourData gives you the option of easily pausing the recovery, and it even shows you in real time the folders it finds during the scan.

The recovery mode is simple to understand, and your found files can be viewed as a file tree or in folders organized by file type and format. You can export scan results to continue recovery later. To preview the found files before recovering them, right click and select the Preview option.

This hard drive recovery solution has plenty of features to warrant its use in offices or commercial use. The Technician license covers features and use for both business use or for an independent IT professional, including a license that lets you install it on multiple computers. This version is compatible with a RAID server system and comes with lifetime updates and technical support from the developer.

It flounders when it comes to support, with the only way to reach the company being email. A knowledgebase contains an online guide to the product as well as other articles and FAQs on data recovery.

DoYourData offers a simple, straightforward interface that just about anyone can understand. The Technician version of this data recovery software is a strong choice for your business’s IT department or for your own IT business.

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