DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe 6.5 Review


DVD Slideshow Builder is a simple program that offers a handful of editing tools to help you make entertaining and high-quality slideshows. However, it lacks some sharing and output options, and DVD Slideshow Builder’s customer support is not extensive. In testing, we also learned that the end slideshow quality isn’t as clear or crisp as with other programs. This software is perfect for beginning slideshow users, who want an intuitive interface with plenty of automatic editing options and touchup tools. More advanced users might find some of the options limiting since there isn’t as much manual control.

While using this software, one of the first things we noticed was that it was easy to find the tools we were looking for. Some other programs don’t make it as easy. There are three parts to the slideshow maker: Organize, Personalize and Create. These three modes help break up the creation and editing processes. This also makes it easier to find the specific tools you want since there aren’t as many cluttering up each page. You will spend most of your time in the Personalize tab, rearranging images or adding effects and transitions to your images.

There are more than 450 background and theme templates in the Create section. The program installs with only roughly 100 themes and backgrounds, so make sure you download the rest from Wondershare’s website for free after registering your license. This software has one of the largest selections of templates available of all the photo slideshow makers we tested. There is no limit to the number of photos you can add to each slideshow, and more than 130 transition effects are available.

Unfortunately, during testing we discovered that this program doesn’t include undo options of any kind, which can be frustrating. If you foresee this being a problem for you, consider finding a program like Photostory Easy, which is designed for beginners and also provides the ability to undo.

Within the Create section, we found plenty of sharing and exporting options. If you plan on making a DVD or Blu-ray, this device will even help you design a menu page. So, for instance, when creating our DVD, we chose a vibrant background with flowers since we felt it matched our summer vacation theme. We also selected play button tools that matched the tone and color scheme of the background. There are hundreds of themes, buttons and text options so you can create a menu that matches your slideshow.

You can also save slideshows to your computer in several different video file formats or export them in HD or standard formats that are compatible with popular mobile devices. When previewing your projects, images appear crisp and text looks pixelated. However, in the final slideshow this flips with photos appearing very blurry and added text looking very sharp. Truth be told, while the picture quality wasn’t terrible, it was the worst quality of any slideshow software we tested.

There are a few limitations on the sharing and output options. You can share your slideshows on YouTube and social networks such as Facebook, but you cannot email your slideshows directly from the software. This slideshow software is also lacking in the help and support department. There is no phone support, but you can receive answers to many of your questions by sending an email, reading the user guide or checking a community forum.

DVD Slideshow Builder can produce decent picture slideshows, but photo quality is not especially outstanding. It lacks sharing options, including interactive CD creation and email sharing, which many of the best products offer. Even so, the three-part process gives this software an easy learning curve making it an especially good choice for beginners.

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