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HostHero is one of the newer companies to enter the hosting service provider market, but they seem to be making almost all of the right moves. With over 10,000 websites currently hosted and 100% North American, English speaking sales and support teams, they are totally dedicated to customer satisfaction. They offer a number of innovative hosting plans with more than just simple shared solutions. In other words, with HostHero in your corner, it can make your site and business more successful in much less time than ever before.

Hosting Features

Technie Features Marketing & Bonus Features!
Space Offered: Unlimited Marketing Credits: Not Offered
Bandwidth Offered: Unlimited Website Builder: Yes
Domains Offered: Unlimited Extra Building Tools: Customizable Templates
FTP Accounts: Unlimited Website Stat Tools: Raw Log Files, AWStats
MySQL Databases: Unlimited SEO Tools: Google Site Maps
Control Panel: cPanel Other: Search Engine Submission
E-Mail Options: Unlimited: Accounts, Auto Responders, WebMail, Forwarding, Filter Logs Other: Password Protected Directories, Joomla, WordPress, Agora Shopping Cart, osCart
Uptime/Guarantee: 99.9% Other: PHP 5, Perl, Ruby on Rails


Hosting Plans:

One of the most unique features offered by Host Hero is the fact that their basic plan is cloud hosted. While this is similar to shared hosting in many ways, it is also much more secure and allows for additional features and protections. Since your site files and data are stored across multiple servers, it is easier to offer truly unlimited disk storage space and bandwidth. You are also able to host an unlimited number of domains, use an unlimited number of FTP accounts and MySQL databases. Even many of your email options are unlimited, including auto responders (excellent marketing tool), number of accounts or boxes and the ability to view your mail right from your browser.

There are also Virtual Private Server plans available. With these you will be able to choose which type of server runs your site, whether this is Windows or Linux. Since many people have already decided which software they want to use, being able to choose your server keeps you in control (since certain programs will only run with specific types of servers). Many other hosts would not even consider giving you this choice.

Pricing Concerns:

When talking about value for the dollar, it is important to consider every factor. This decision is not solely about price, but about how much you are getting in return for your money. Being able to have the security of a cloud hosting architecture for such a low monthly fee appears to be an incredible value and makes for an easy decision. However, you will also appreciate being able to choose your own server type with any of the VPS plans. This definitely gives you a lot of flexibility, including the option to keep your favorite software tools and programs to power your website’s functionality.

Customer Support:

The best thing about the support offered by HostHero is that it is entirely North American based. Every operator and agent speaks perfect English. You may contact the company through an online email form or dial a toll free phone number to be connected immediately with someone live. You will also appreciate the ability to connect with them via live chat or through social media (Facebook and Twitter). There are even video tutorials which walk you through every aspect of using cPanel and running your own site. A ticket system has also been implemented as well as a helpful knowledge base.


Everyone certainly wants their hosting provider to be reliable. HostHero responds to this need by providing a 99.9% up time guarantee. This means that your site will be accessible to everyone, no matter where they are, around the clock. Another often overlooked aspect of network reliability is whether or not your provider actually monitors things. Well, this company does include 24/7/365 real time network monitoring. This is accomplished both by equipment as well as live human beings. Add to this layers of redundant back-ups, power feeds, generators and other systems, for an incredible amount of protection and security.

Ease of Use:

With all of the features and power offered by HostHero, you might expect a pretty steep learning curve. However, you would be mistaken, since the management system has been created specifically for the company. The control panel is simple and intuitive. It is graphically based, making it as easy as seeing an icon label and then clicking on it. You may even access this management center through your iPhone, allowing you to upload files, manage domains and much more while on the go.

Bottom Line:

HostHero is definitely an up and coming player which demands your consideration. There innovative hosting plan options combined with spectacular customer support should leave you feeling very satisfied.

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