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Miss Hosting is a recently-founded company that offers a variety of web hosting services, including shared, VPS, Reseller, and dedicated server hosting. It also provides Affiliate hosting, WordPress hosting and sells and hosts domain names. With an easy-to-use site builder, this is an easy one-stop shop for setting up, designing, and hosting a website with a domain of your choice.

Miss Hosting was founded in Stockholm, Sweden and now has offices there, as well as in Sofia, Bulgaria and Miami. The company had been primarily focused on the Nordic market, but has recently shifted its focus to the United States and South American markets as well.

Miss Hosting is best for a customer looking for an affordable web hosting service with a simple website. It’s a great choice for customers who want to start small and then grow bigger with solutions like VPS and dedicated servers.


+ 99.9% uptime guarantee
+ Affordable pricing
+ 24/7 security monitoring
+ 45-day money-back guaranty
+ Users can migrate a website to their servers
+ Monthly domain offers

  • More suited for small- to medium-sized businesses-
  • No month-by-month plans
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Fewer features than some competitors
  • Dedicated server packages are more expensive than many competitors
Ease of Use

Miss Hosting has won rave reviews from customers for its easy-to-use hosting system and website building services. On its website, Miss Hosting claims that it only takes 5 minutes to set up a new website using the site builder. This may be a bit optimistic, but the process is geared towards novices and small online business owners who don’t have a lot of web building know-how.

Miss Hosting’s drag-and-drop web builder offers hundreds of templates split into categories such as blog, store, business, portfolio, and more. Every template is built in HTML and is heavily customizable by users.

Setting up service is simple and straightforward. Click on “get started” in the web hosting section of the Miss Hosting website, and you are taken to another page with a prompt that asks if you would like to search and register a new domain or use or transfer an existing one. If you chose a new domain, the site will show you if it is available and how much it would cost to buy. If unavailable as a .com, it will show you possible options with .se, .nu, .xyz, and more, along with the price.

Select your option and an online register on your screen will show you how much it costs for the domain and hosting – depending on which plan you select. You’ll then be then asked if you want a US or EU based data center, and after you put in your credit card details at checkout, it’s time to get up and running.

After securing a domain, you’ll pop over to the website editor, where you can pick from a large number of templates, and easily walk through the point-and-click editing process.

One caveat – the website builder is somewhat buggy, with a tendency to automatically format sites into default Scandinavian languages. While Google translate can help to figure things out, it gives a surprise “shopping at IKEA on a Sunday” vibe to navigating the website editor – at least initially.

Bottom line, the process was simple, even for a novice.

Pricing and Plans

There is no month-by-month payment option for hosting. It is available only in 12-, 24-, or 36-month packages.

Package Type 12 months 24 months 36 months
Basic shared $1.25/month $4.75/month $4.10/month
Professional shared $2.50/month $$10.62/month $9.99/month
Ultimate shared $3.75/month $16.62/month $14.99/month

*prices updated August 2017

VPS Cloud hosting prices range from $5/month to $80/month, depending on how much RAM and bandwidth you want. Miss Hosting’s most popular cloud VPS option is $10/month and comes with 1 GB RAM, 1 core processor, 30GB SSD disk, and 2 TB bandwidth.

Pricing on domain names range from around $12.99 for a .com, to $159.99 for .CEO.

Miss Hosting is proud to offer its clientele over 650 different TLD.

Reseller hosting on Miss Hosting is pricier, running from $25/month for the most basic package to $124.92/month for the “ultimate” package. Reseller hosting provides the user with the ability to provide customers with a control panel through which they can create and edit their own websites.

The dedicated server packages can be very pricy, but Miss Hosting is offering customers massive discounts for the first year. The “professional” dedicated server costs $99/month, while the most popular package is the “premium” at $139/month, followed by the “ultimate” at $199/month.

Website Building Features

Miss Hosting has an extensive, easy-to-use website builder with hundreds of available templates. The website builder is very simple to use and is written in HTML and fully customizable. It is quite simple and intuitive to walk through the click-and-drag interface, learning it as you go along.

By upgrading to a premium package, you’ll be able to access templates with more space for videos and photos.

Customer Support

Miss Hosting features extensive, responsive customer service by email, chat, and phone. A query sent by chat received a reply within a couple minutes, and an email query took just a short while longer. In both cases, the response was helpful and informative. Furthermore, due to the international nature of the business and workforce, Miss Hosting is likely to have customer service reps who speak a number of European languages in addition to English.

VPS and Cloud Hosting

Cloud VPS hosting is offered by Miss Hosting, though at a higher price than the basic shared hosting package (prices from $5 – $80/month for VPS vs $1.25 – $14.99 for shared).

The question of whether or not VPS is preferred really depends on the user and what they need.

Unlike a shared host, a VPS is a server that has its own allocated resources inside of a larger server. When running off a VPS server, you won’t be slowed down by other users, like you would on a shared server.

The main consideration when looking at moving to a VPS from a shared is how much traffic your website receives and how much speed you need to keep things running smoothly.

Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting is the backbone of Miss Hosting, with affordable pricing and a no-brainer interface suited for people who may not be webmasters but just need hosting that will keep their site up and running smoothly.

The difference between the two is right there in the name – with a shared server, you’re sharing the bandwidth with a number of other users. With a dedicated server, it’s all you, with better speed and efficiency, but it comes with a price. In the case of Miss Hosting, the cheapest “professional” dedicated server costs $145/month, many times more than the cheapest shared server.

You do get some serious horsepower for that price though – the cheapest package comes with 4 GB RAM, Traffic 2 TB, and 2 300 GB SAS hard drives. This is a lot more than you’ll get with a shared package, but again, if you don’t have the traffic to demand this type of firepower, you’re better off saving your money.

More Reasons to Choose

Miss Hosting’s customer service is impressive and you might not even need it with the extensive FAQ section of their website. It seems to be a company trying to make an impact on the market by targeting small- and medium-sized users and have the pricing plans to get there. It offers a wide range of top-line domain names and with hundreds of templates; it may be one of the more customizable options out there. It also features a website set-up and builder which are easy to use and seem devoted to simplicity.

Bottom Line

Miss Hosting is a user-friendly, easy to set up website building and hosting service that stacks up well against other hosting sites targeting the smaller business market. It’s a one-stop-shop of sorts for people looking to get a domain name, hosting, and build a website all through the same company, and it’s user-friendly enough to not leave novices scratching their heads. One word of caution though – even though it does have a dedicated server option, it’s expensive and doesn’t seem to be Miss Hosting’s specialty. That said, if you’re thinking about launching a blog or an eCommerce site for your small business, you’re in safe hands with Miss Hosting.

About Miss Hosting

Short bio: Miss Hosting was founded in 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden, and boasts more than 35,000 customers across the world, running more than 100,000 websites. It is owned by parent company Miss Group, which has local offices in the US, Norway, Finland, England, Hungary, Romania, Argentina, India, and Iran. It has data centers in Stockholm and Chicago, and though they say they are more focused on the Nordic countries, they are able to service customers across the globe, in a large variety of languages.

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