Sony Movie Studio Review


Sony Movie Studio 13 is a family of consumer level video editing software that includes three variations: Movie Studio 13, Movie Studio 13 Platinum and Movie Studio 13 Suite.

Each version of this video editing software becomes progressively more advanced the higher up the ladder you go. For example, if you’re just starting out with video editing or have a simple project, it’s probably best to go with Movie Studio 13. If you need moderately more advanced tools such as image stabilization and white balance, Movie Studio 13 Platinum is your best bet. If you’re a veteran user that wants access to the other editing applications Sony offers such as Sound Forage 10, Movie Studio 13 Suite is probably your best bet. Sony has a nice breakdown of what each iteration of this software comes with on its website.

All that said, the core functionality of Sony Movie Studio 13 remains the same, no matter which package you buy. Sony has made some marked improvements to this family of products. The most obvious of which is to its interface. Previous incarnations of the software looked complicated and intimidating. Sony has done a lot to sooth the potential fears of first-time users and it’s done this by clearing the main interface of clutter and enlarging the buttons and menus to make general navigation a little more intuitive. It should be noted that these improvements were not made at the expense of features or usability, which remained either intact or enhanced. This is something veteran users will appreciate.

Keeping with the theme of universal accessibility, all the products in the Sony Movie Studio family now come with two main modes: simple and advanced. These modes do exactly what you think they would do. Simple mode strips everything away except for the basics, allowing you to learn and grow, then graduate into advanced mode at your leisure. Advanced mode has all the bells and whistles that come with whichever level of the software you purchased. This setup also has the advantage of allowing you to make broad-stroke edits in simple mode and then switch to advanced mode to make more granular edits.

Sony Creative Software offers many customer service and online support options such as FAQs, email support, forums, downloadable manuals and even a complete knowledgebase where you have access to answers and articles from Sony’s technical support experts. However, if you want phone support, you must purchase one of Sony’s three support plans.


At the end of the day, the thing that really stands out about Sony Movie Studio 13 is the range of options this software family offers. Beginners and veterans alike will find something to love about this software suite.

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