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Total Defense is a true global leader in the detection and prevention of viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, and malware of all types. They have won numerous awards for their products and activities in these areas including certifications from West Coast Labs, ISCA Labs, and VB100. They offer a full suite of antivirus and security products for both the home and business users. All of these are straightforward and easy to use, with well-designed and thoughtful interfaces. They are also fast and efficient with a number of improvements in the current version.

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Features & Highlights

Even the basic software offered by Total Defense offers a very comprehensive and integrated solution to protect against all types of viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans and other malware that can slow down and damage your computer systems. They have also incorporated cloud-based scanning which enables a greater range of detection, not to mention that all of this updates and occurs in real-time. The software also automatically scans all download and quarantines infected files before they are allowed to do damage to your hard drive. You will love the real-time user reports showing all activity, alerts, and system performance.

The software also offers two additional plans, both of which are squarely focused on internet services and protections. One of the best new features here is a GPS tracking tool for all mobile devices. This way, if your laptop, phone or tablet is ever lost, it will be much easier to track and find. Both internet packages also include strong anti-phishing, malware, and spam defenses. They have also received numerous awards and strong ratings including West Coast Labs and ICSA Labs. The best free extra is that each of these packages can be used for 3 devices (5 with the premium option).

Internet Security Suite

The internet security suite offered by Total Defense is unique since it allows users to protect up to three devices for a single price (most others will charge extra for adding 2 or 3 devices). Better still, these can include mobile phones and tablets. There are even parental controls and you have the ability to actually track and see mobile phone and website logs to help you take a more active role in protecting the kids. There is download protection in real-time for IE, Firefox, and Chrome users, providing notification of potentially hazardous sites and files.


One of the best ways to decide whether a product is offering real value is by seeing how many devices can be easily protected. In the case of Total Defense, users automatically receive a 3-device license. With the premium version, this is extended to 5 devices, making it an excellent value for protecting all of your devices. Keeping your kids and family totally safe online is worth the $19.99 per year. You also receive free set-up and support as well as a full 60-day no hassle money-back guarantee.

Customer Support

Finding support at the Total Defense site will require a 3-step process. You will need to make sure to choose the correct product and then be presented with a number of options. These include placing a toll free phone call for either technical assistance or another type of support question. This is available 24/7. You may also email customer support, but reps are only available during extended business hours. A self-help portal is also available, consisting of some helpful frequently asked questions and advice articles.

Ease of Use

All of these software packages are light and easy to install. They may be downloaded directly from the site after purchase. They even do an initial scan of your computer system prior to installation and as each usb device is inserted, they are also quickly checked. The interface is also fairly intuitive with the various functions broken down into sections to make it easy to find what you are after.

Bottom Line

Anyone interested in a light and easy to use antivirus software program will be well-served with Total Defense. The number of features offers great value in return for the small investment required.

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